When you see a bong for the first time, you may quickly wonder how it actually works. Where should the herbs go? When do you light the herbs? From which part should you inhale? We have created a step-by-step plan in which we explain exactly when and what needs to be done to know how to smoke weed with a bong .

  • Fill the tube or bulb part of the bong with (clean) water until the main part (the pipe) is slightly submerged;
  • If necessary: ​​Place a screen (sieve) on the end of the pipe, so that the herbs do not fall through the pipe into the bong;
  • Place your herbs on the sieve on the end (dry part) of the pipe;
  • Place your finger on the kick hole (the hole usually on the side of the tube;
    Some bongs do not have a blow hole, but you need to remove the main part (the pipe) from the bong once the pipe is full of smoke
  • Place your mouth on the top of the tube (your mouth does not have to go over the tube);
  • Light the herbs while inhaling at the same time and do this until the tube is full of smoke;
  • Then remove your finger from the hole and do not light your herbs any further;
  • Now inhale as much smoke as possible that had collected in the tube;
  • Congratulations, because you can now smoke with a bong!