Welcome to the fascinating world of cultivating cannabis yourself! Although it can be a very satisfying experience, it also comes with his challenges. That is why we have put together a compact guide to lead you through the entire process, from seed to harvest. With this manual we hope to give you a solid start and to avoid possible pitfalls. Thank you for your confidence in weed, and we wish you a lot of fun and success with the cultivation of this beautiful plant!

Step 1: The germination process

The journey of your cannabis plant starts with the germination of the seed. There are various methods to achieve this, but we concentrate on the two most effective and user -friendly techniques: germination in water and between damp kitchen paper.

Water germination method

  1. Fill a cup with lukewarm water and let the seeds fall into it.
  2. Within a few days you should see a white carrot coming out of the seed.

Germinate with kitchen paper

  1. Wet a kitchen paper and fold it around the seed.
  2. Place this between two plates to create a damp, dark environment.
  3. After 2-5 days the seed should germinate.

Germ tips:

  • Avoid cold water; Lukewarm water stimulates the germination.
  • The process can vary from 1 to 8 days. Make sure that the kitchen paper stays moist.
  • A temperature of 18 degrees is the minimum, with optimum results between 22-25 degrees.

Step 2: The growth phase

Cannabis plants require at least 18 hours of light a day to grow and will bloom at 12 hours of light. For Binnenweek you adjust the light cycle; Outdoor culture follows the natural season pattern. Start Buitenweek in May to avoid frost.

Growing tips:

  • Use specific seed soil or cutting soil without nutrients for the first growth phase.
  • A loose, airy soil promotes root growth.
  • Optimal growth temperatures are between 20-25 degrees.
  • Provide full sun and enough space around the plant for air circulation.

Step 3: The flowering

The flowering phase is crucial and sensitive to challenges such as teasing and fungi. This phase lasts approximately 7-12 weeks, depending on the species. Autoflowers automatically flower earlier.

Flowering tips:

  • Support heavy branches to prevent breaking.
  • Protect the plant against rain to prevent rot and mold.
  • Inspect your plant daily to identify problems early.
  • A flowering plant needs a lot of water; Keep the soil moist.

Step 4: The harvest

The highlight of your breeding adventure: the harvest. This is the moment when around 80% of the flowering hairs have browned.

Harvest tips:

  • Use a clean, sharp scissors for pruning.
  • THC makes the scissors sticky; Clean with milk or oil to remove the resin.

Step 5: Drying

Hang the harvested branches upside down in a dark, dry room with good ventilation. After about 3 weeks the cannabis should be dry enough.

Dry tips:

  • A dark space is ideal for the drying process.
  • Ensure sufficient distance between the branches for air circulation.

By following these steps, you lay a solid foundation for the successful cultivation of cannabis. Experiment and learn from every breeding cycle to refine your skills. Lots of breeding pleasure!