You would almost say that cannabis cannot be missing from hemp soap. Especially because this product is often called cannabis soap. We can be clear: there is no weed or hashish in hemp soap.

No THC, but hemp oil

The question is: what is in hemp soap? This care product is made up of various elements (link to product page), including one important cannabis extract: hemp oil. This oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants. These plants are known for their low THC levels.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive substance in the cannabis plant and is therefore also the substance that makes you 'stoned' or 'high'. Because this substance hardly occurs in industrial hemp plants - and certainly not in Extravaganja products - you can say that there is no weed in your hemp soap.

Your body's own substances work well for your body

Then the next question quickly arises: why should you use hemp soap? Just like Hemp hand cream, cannabis extracts in this soap protect your hand skin. In addition, the exotic fruit extracts incorporated into the soap give off a nice scent.

Besides the fact that there is no weed in your hemp soap, you also don't smell like a walking coffee shop. On the other hand, you really have to light up a joint if you want to get high. If you just want to relax your skin, then Extravaganja hemp cosmetics are more than enough for you.