Hoe je hasj vermaalt op de juiste manier.

How you grind hashish in the right way.

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How you grind hashish in the right way


The search for the perfect hashish grinder is more than just a choice; It is an essential part of the hash experience. Whether you are an experienced user or new in the world of hashish, this guide offers valuable insights and practical tips for selecting the ideal grinder.

What is a hash grinder?

A hash Grinder is an indispensable instrument for Hashed lovers. It allows users to efficiently grind Hash to a fine consistency, which is essential for even combustion or evaporation. Of course it is also possible to crumble hashish by hand. Crumbling hashish by hand has some disadvantages, including the possibility of uneven consistency, which can lead to uneven combustion or evaporation. Moreover, it can result by hand crumbling in the loss of valuable trichomes on the fingers, which can reduce the potential of the hashish. It can also be a sticky process, depending on the texture of the hashish, making it more difficult and less hygienic than the use of a grinder.

The different types of hash grinders

Grinder cards:
Ideal for dry and crumbly hashish, offer a simple grater function for easy preparation.

Plastic 2-layer grinders:
Considered because of their simple design and effectiveness in grinding hash. The disadvantage is that when the hashish is too hard, your plastic grinder can break.

Metal 2-layer grinders:
Equal to plastic grinders in use, but offer sustainability and are easier to keep clean.

Electric grinders:
Although less common for hash because of the price, they offer convenience with the push of a button.

3- and 4-layers Grinders:
Less suitable for hashish due to the tendency to block, but they can still be used with the correct preparation and maintenance.

Special hash Grinders:
At Grasscompany.com it will soon be possible to buy a real hash grinder. This grinder is specially designed to ground only hashish.


Use and maintenance

The successful grinding of Hash depends on the consistency and preparation. It is crucial to avoid large pieces and not to grind too long to prevent stickiness and blockage. Regular cleaning is essential for optimum performance, especially for grinders that are susceptible to resin retheting. It is also not recommended to heat hashish with fire. The hashish already loses a part THC. Is your hash too hard to cut? Then warm up with your hands, then cut it into smaller pieces and then put them in your grinder. That way you get the best out of your hashish.


Choosing the right hash grinder is a personal decision that can in -depth influence how you can experience your hashish. With the knowledge from this guide you are well equipped to make an informed choice that fits your personal preferences and usage habits.