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Greengo Cones 109/21Mm 1000Pcs
Flamez CONES KING SIZE Bleached 109/30mm 64-pack
Box Cones Black Party 32 Pcs
Box Cones Black Party 32 PCS
Sale price€9,83
El Humeros Cones King Size Brown 109/26 mm 40/100pcs
Flamez Cones Unbleached 98/26Mm 800 Pcs
Display Raw King Size Cones Basic 3 Pack  32 Pcs
RAW CONES 3 PACK (32/Display)
Sale price€58,96
Display Cones Black Label King Size 32 X 3 Pcs
El Humeros Cones King Size White 109/26 mm 40/100 PCS
Greengo Cones 1 1/4 Unbleached 84/26mm 6-pack 21 PCS
Display Cones Black Super Sized 24 X 1Pc
Display Cones Black Giga 15 X 1 Pcs
Raw King Size Cones Basic 3 Pack  1 Pc
Greengo Cones 1 1/4 26Mm 6 Pack
Display Cones Black Party 18 X 5 Pcs
Display Cones Black Label King Size 18 X 12 Pcs
Cones 12 King Size 50 Pcs
Sale price€115,55
Flamez Budget Cones Unbleached 109/21Mm 1000Pcs
Budget Cones Tgc Trading White 109/21Mm 1000Pcs
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Flamez Cones Kingsize Bleached 109/26Mm M Logo On Tip 800Pcs
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Display 24X Cones Party 1 Pc 140 Mm Filter 43Mm
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Cones Party 3  Pcs
Cones party 3 pcs
Sale price€1,95
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Greengo Cones 109/26Mm 3 Pack
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Greengo Cones 109/26Mm 3 Pack 35Pcs
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Display Cones 1 1/4 32 X 6 Pcs
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Cones 1-Pack Giga
Sale price€2,70
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Cones 12-Pack King Size
Cones 12 pack
Sale price€3,44
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Cones 3-Pack King Size
Sale price€1,92

As an avid smoker you know that every detail counts when enjoying your joint. In this category you will find everything you need to run the perfect joint without the trouble of rolling yourself.

What are sleeves and cones?

Sleeves and cones His pre -turned shells and have a characteristic conical shape, while sleeves are usually cylindrical. They consist of a combination of a filter and flow and are ready to be filled with your favorite smoke.

Importance of sleeves and cones

Hulzen and cones save time and ensure consistency in your joints. They are perfect for both beginners who are still working on their turning skills and for experienced smokers who want to prepare a joint quickly and efficiently.

What kind of dimensions in cones are there?

CONES are available in different sizes to meet all preferences:

Slim-Size CONES: These are 98 mm long with a 26 mm long tip, ideal for those who enjoy a faster smoke experience.

King-Size Cones: With a standard length of 109 mm, these cones are perfect for the average smoker and correspond to the length of most long flow.

Reefer-Size Cones: These are also 109 mm long but have a longer tip of 40 mm, which ensures a stronger structure and cooler smoke, ideal for a shorter and strong trek.

Party-Size Cones: These are 140 mm long with a 35 mm long tip, perfect for social occasions where you want to share a joint.

Super-Size CONES: On 180 mm long, these are great for large meetings or impressive sessions.

Mega-size cones: The ultimate party favor, these cones are 280 mm long with a huge 88 mm long tip, intended to make a statement.

What materials are sleeves and cones made of?

The materials vary from FSC Houtpulp To hemp and rice paper, each with unique properties that influence the smoke experience. FSC Houtpulp Cones, for example, are more durable and offer a natural taste, while rice paper provides an extra smooth smoke.

Which brands of cones are there?

Brands that offers:






Each brand offers unique properties, such as organic materials or special formats for every smoke style.

How do you fill a cone?

You can simply fill a cone manually, possibly. With the supplied pestle. However, it can be even easier by means of the so -called 'Cone fillers'. With these cone fillers with this you can fill 1 to more cones at the same time.

Tips for choosing your favorite cones

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What are cones? Cones are pre -turned flows with a filter, ready to be filled.

How do you fill a cone? Use a grinder to crumble your smoking weight, divide it evenly into the cone, and gently tap to lower it down.

Where can I buy cones? View our range To cones from different brands and sizes.

Order today before 22:00 and receive your cones tomorrow at home!

Buy your cones today If you place your order before 10 p.m., it will be shipped the same day. Our orders are packed and sent extremely discreetly. Also view the rest of our range cannabis items To make your smoke moment as perfect as possible. Do you have questions or feedback? Let us know And help us to be of service even better. Happy Smoking!