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Powermatic Electric Cigarette Filler
My Weigh 7001-Dx Scale 7000Gr. X 1Gr. (Black)
Plagron Top Grow Box 100% Natural
Myco Pocketscale MZ-200 100 x 0.01 gr Black
Mascotte Rollbox
Mascot roll box
Sale price€16,62
On Balance Scale TW-200-BK Black 200 x 0.01 grams
Powermatic Mini Manual Cigarette Filler
Mascotte Filter Tube Injector Classic
Mascotte Filter Tube Injector Deluxe
Mascot Sleeve Stopper De Luxe
Sale price€14,71
Tuff-Weigh-1000 Scale Green/Black 1000 X 0,1Gr
Myco Mv-100 Miniscale Black 100X0,01Gr
Angel Single Filter Tube Injector
Mascotte Filter Tube Injector Flex Size
On Balance DX-100 100g x 0.01G
Sale price€26,45
Tuff-Weigh-100 Scale Green/Black 100 X 0,01Gr
On Balance Scale TW-200-SL Silver 200 x 0.01 grams
Tuff-Weigh-1000 Scale Orange/Black 1000 x 0.1gr
Nutri-100 Miniscale Black With Large Tray 100X0,01Gr
Myco Miniscale 50
Myco miniscal 100x0.01 gr
Sale price€18,64
Calibration Weight 1 Gr
Calibration Weight 1 gr
Sale price€4,90
Calibration Weight 100 Gr
Calibration Weight 100 gr
Sale price€5,89
On Balance NV Envy Scale NV-3000 3000G x 0.1g
Myco Mx-100 Miniscale Black 100 X 0,01Gr voorkant
Pocket Scale Myco Black - 100x0.01 gr
Powermatic 3 Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine
On Balance Luggage Scale 40Kg X 0,01Kg
Washable Fold-A-Bowl Kitchen Scale Blue White 2000X0,1Gr
Luggage Scale 30Kg X 0.1Kg
LugGage Scale 30kg x 0.1kg
Sale price€21,59
Weighing Cup Set 5 Pcs
Weighing Cup Set 5 PCS
Sale price€9,83
Calibration Weight 5 Gr
Calibration Weight 5 gr
Sale price€5,89
Calibration Weight 50 gr
Sale price€6,88
Calibration Weight 500 Gr
Calibration Weight 500 gr
Sale price€19,62
Cigarette Injector Double Tube 84 Mm
My Weigh Triton T3 Scale Tt3-400 400G X 0.01G
On Balance Lite Scale LS -600 - 600x0.1 gr
On Balance Touchscreen Miniscale 300 X 0,1 Gr
On Balance Scale Dr-500 Round 500Gr.
My Weigh Scale 400Z 400x0.1 gr. Blue
MY WEIGH i-BALANCE 500 500 GR. x0,1 GR.
My Weigh I-Balance 1200
Sale price€122,93
On Balance Truweigh 600 Gr X 0,1 Gr Black
Powermatic 1 Manual Cigarette Filler
Powermatic 1 Cigarette maker
Sale price€64,86
On Balance NV Envy Scale NV-500 500G x 0.01G
Myco Pocketscale MZ -1000 - 1000x0.1 gr Silver
Sale price€16,71 Regular price€18,45
Tuff-Weigh-100 Scale Black/Titanium/Chrome

Packaging weighing and rolling machines

At we understand that for many, smoking is more than just a habit; it's an experience. And as with any experience, the details matter. Whether you roll your own cigarettes or are an avid cannabis user, the tools and accessories you use can make a big difference in your smoking experience. Weigh your weed, hash and tobacco accurately with our precision scales . Use handy tools such as tube stoppers and other equipment to shoot your cigarettes yourself and pack them in handy packaging to take them safely with you on the road.

Importance of Accurate Scales

For those who mix their own weed/hash or need accurate measurements for their smokes, a reliable scale is essential. A good scale ensures precision, which is especially important when working with potent weed, hash or concentrates. After all, a small deviation can make a big difference in the intensity of your smoking experience.

Digital vs. Analog Scales

Digital scales offer a high degree of accuracy and are often equipped with additional features such as tare (the ability to subtract the weight of a container) and different units of measurement. Analog scales, on the other hand, are often more robust and do not require batteries, but they lack the precision of their digital counterparts.

Overview of packaging options
Whether you want to store your tobacco, weed or other smoking products, the right packaging can make the difference between a fresh, flavorful smoke and a dry, tasteless experience. offers a wide range of packaging options, from simple joint tubes to advanced vacuum-sealed containers that keep your smokes fresh and tasty.

The Art of Filling: Tube Stoppers Featured

A tube stopper is a useful tool for smokers who want to make their own cigarettes. It allows you to quickly and efficiently put tobacco into empty tubes, significantly saving on the cost of ready-made cigarettes.

How does a sleeve stopper work?
A tube stopper works by pressing a certain amount of tobacco into an empty tube. You simply place the tobacco in the device, slide the empty sleeve over it, and with a simple movement the tobacco is pressed firmly into the sleeve.

Advantages of using a sleeve stopper
Using a sleeve stopper offers several advantages. Firstly, you save money because loose tobacco and empty tubes are often cheaper than ready-made cigarettes. Secondly, you have complete control over the amount and type of tobacco you use, so you can fully personalize your smoking experience. You can also vary with different types of sleeves. For example, sleeves with our MCT sleeves that have a click ball in the filter. This means you can still make a flavored cigarette.

Conclusion and recommendations for purchase

Whether you need an accurate scale, the perfect packaging for your smoking products, or a tube stopper, has everything you need for an optimal smoking experience. By investing in quality tools and accessories, you can not only save money, but also enjoy a better, more satisfying smoking experience.


Discover Essential Smoking Accessories at

Cannabis items for novice or experienced cannabis smokers
Every joint starts with a rolling paper and a filter or tip . But where does your adventure start? The choice is huge, which means you can put together the perfect joint that suits your needs. Are you a beginner or do you find it difficult to roll well? Then consider our ready-made c ones or blunts . Simply fill your cone with your favorite mix and you're ready for action. For the experienced smokers who roll with ease, check out our grinders and rolling trays . Refine your skills and become a true rolling masterDiscover Essential Smoking Accessories at

Discover Essential Smoking Accessories at

Enrich your smoking experience with essential smoking items from, your one-stop-shop for all smoking supplies. Discover a wide range of products, from ashtrays and lighters to innovative flavor solutions , all carefully selected to optimize your smoking sessions.

Alternative Smoking Methods for the Sophisticated Smoker

Whether you prefer an alternative smoking method or want to try something new, our extensive range of bongs , shishas and pipes offers something for every smoker. Explore various styles and brands to find the perfect match for your smoking habits.

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  1. What is the difference between a digital and an analogue scale?

Digital scales offer higher accuracy and often have additional features, while analog scales are more robust but less precise.

  1. How do I choose the right packaging for my smoking products?

Consider the amount of smoking materials you want to store, how long you want to keep them, and whether they need to be protected from light and air.

  1. Why should I use a sleeve stopper?

A sleeve stopper saves money and allows you to personalize your smoking experience by controlling the amount and type of tobacco you use.

  1. How do I maintain my scale?

Make sure your scale is clean and dust-free and calibrate it regularly for best accuracy.

  1. How do I maintain my sleeve stopper?

Make sure you clean the sleeve stopper thoroughly after each use. Tobacco residue often remains and sticks to parts, eventually destroying your tube stopper.


  1. Are there other accessories I should consider for a better smoking experience?

Yes, depending on your preferences, you can also consider purchasing grinders, rolling papers, and other smoking accessories.