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Display Frizc Flavor Card Pure Menthol 25 Pcs
Display Frizc Flavor Card Pure Mint Menthol 25 PCS
Sale price€14,71 Regular price€18,20
Angel Transparent Electronic Lighters 50 Pcs
Display Lighter Transparant 50 Pcs
Display lighter transparent 50 pcs
Sale price€14,71 Regular price€22,57
Display Frizc Flavor Card Menthol & Lime 25 Pcs
Display Frizc Flavor Card Lime Menthol 25 PCS
Sale price€14,71 Regular price€18,20
Clipper Lighters - Hardcore Jungle
Clipper Classic Lighters - Melting Psycho
Clipper Classic Lighters Renzo Leaves 4 pieces
Zippo Gift Set Chrome Brushed Fluid And Flint
Raw Wooden Box 1 Pc
Raw Wooden Box 1 PC
Sale price€12,28
Display Bic Mini Standard 50 Pcs
Display Bic Mini Standard
Sale price€88,46
Display Frizc Flavor Card Blueberry 25 Pcs
Display Frizc Flavor Card Blueberry 25 PCS
Sale price€14,71 Regular price€18,20
Keep calm ashtray can with lid
Zippo Lighter Fluid 125 Ml
Zippo liquid 125 ml
Sale price€4,90
Auto ashtray with lid assorti
Car Ashtray with Glow 1 PC
Car Ashtray with Glow 1 PC
Sale price€4,87
Display Frizc Flavor Card Black Mint 25 Pcs
Display Frizc Flavor Card Black Mint 25 PCS
Sale price€13,72 Regular price€14,76
Angelo 18 Cig Case Chrome Rhombus Rubber
Finecut Tobacco Pouch Black ������������������������������
Sale price€7,82
Aroma King Capsules Cherry Berry 1 X 100Pcs
Unilite Butane Lighter Gas 300 Ml
Zippo Regular Street Chrome
Zippo Regular Street Chrome
Sale price€29,45
Finecut Tobacco Pouch Brown����
Sale price€29,45
V-Fire Jet Torch lighter
V-Fire Jet Torch lighter
Sale price€13,72
Square green ashtray with weed leaf design
Swivel ashtray Chrome/Black 9cm
Angelo Spinning Ashtray Black
Cigarette Box 20 Cig Acryl Cremewood
Bucket rotating ashtray Chrome/White 14 Cm
Weed Leaf Ashtray Rasta Color
Frutastick Fresh Orange 1 Pc
Frutastick Fresh Orange 1 PC
Sale price€9,78
Leather Look Tobacco Pouch 2 Zippers Black
Spinning Ashtray Full Chrome 9 Cm
Cigarette Box 20 Cig Acryl Redwood
Angelo 100Mm Cig Box Faux Leather Black
Angel Cigarette Case 20 Cig Red
Angel Cigarette Case Red
Sale price€7,82
Angelo Spin Ashtray Black Matt, Bronze 13Cm
Angelo 18 Cig Case Chrome Honeycomb Rubber
Cigarette Box 20 Cig Acryl Lightwood
Fleva Filters 5 Pcs
Fleva Filters 5 PCS
Sale price€5,85
Angelo Spin ashtray Matt Gray
Angelo Spin ashtray Matt Gray
Sale price€11,46
Angelo Cigar Cutter Metal Oval With Box
Clic Boxx Cigarette Box 20 Cig Fluorescent Design Orange
Angelo 18 Cig Case Chrome Rubber
Clic Boxx Cigarette Box 20 Cig Fluorescent Design Yellow
Weed leaf ashtray
Weed leaf ashtray
Sale price€6,83 Regular price€11,76
Zippo Cotton & Felt
Zippo Cotton & Felt
Sale price€6,83
Transparent glass ashtray
Transparent glass ashtray
Sale price€5,36
Aroma King Capsules Mango 1 X 100Pcs
Angelo Cigar Cutter Plastic Straight Black
Unilite Lighter Fluid 1 X 133 Ml

Smoker items

Smoking is not just a daily habit for many; it is a ritual, a moment of deep relaxation and pure pleasure. Every detail of this ritual, from the lighter you use to the ashtray in which you put out your cigarette, contributes to the overall experience. Whether you smoke occasionally or are a seasoned enthusiast, the right cigarette and cigar accessories are essential. A reliable Zippo or other quality lighter, handy storage boxes for your tobacco or cigarettes, and the refined touch of flavor solutions to enrich your smoke - every element plays its role. In this category you will find a carefully selected range of these essential items, all designed to make your smoking moments even more enjoyable.

Why are smoking supplies important

Just as a chef relies on his knives, a smoker relies on his tools. Good smoking supplies provide a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience, reduce waste and make the process of preparing and smoking itself more efficient.

The Evolution of Smoking Accessories
Smoking accessories have come a long way over the years. What started out as simple tools are now sophisticated gadgets that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. For example, view our collection of Zippos, which are offered in different colors and prints.

Different types of smoking supplies
Lighters and Zippos
Lighters are an essential part of any smoking kit. Whether you choose a traditional lighter or a stylish Zippo , it is important to have a reliable and durable lighter. View our range of lighters with electric or flint ignition here .

Ashtrays and their Functionality
A good ashtray is not only functional, but also a stylish addition to your smoking area. Choose from different designs and materials to meet your needs. Our range consists of plastic, metal or stainless steel ashtrays. In different types of table , car , pocket , wall or rotating ashtrays .

Flavor Solutions: A New Dimension in Smoking
Flavor Solutions allow you to personalize your smoking experience. Add a hint of flavor to your smoke for a unique experience. At you will find all kinds of brands such as Aroma King , Fleva , Frizc and Frutastick .

Storage boxes: Keep your smoking materials safe
Storage boxes are perfect for storing your smoking materials safely and discreetly. They are available in different sizes and styles, so you will always find the perfect solution for your needs.

Cigar and cigarette accessories
Whether you're a cigar lover or prefer cigarettes, the right accessories can enhance your smoking experience. From Clippers to tubes and cases, there are plenty of accessories to choose from.

How do you choose the right smoking supplies?

Choosing the right smoking accessories depends on your personal preferences, your budget and your smoking habits. It's always a good idea to invest in quality products that will last and enhance your smoking experience. Smoking is a personal experience, and the tools and accessories you choose play a big role in how much you enjoy it. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced smoker, investing in quality smoking supplies will take your smoking experience to the next level.

Discover Essential Smoking Accessories at

Cannabis items for novice or experienced cannabis smokers
Every joint starts with a rolling paper and a filter or tip . But where does your adventure start? The choice is huge, which means you can put together the perfect joint that suits your needs. Are you a beginner or do you find it difficult to roll well? Then consider our ready-made c ones or blunts . Simply fill your cone with your favorite mix and you're ready for action. For the experienced smokers who roll with ease, check out our grinders and rolling trays . Hone your skills and become a true roller master

Alternative Smoking Methods for the Sophisticated Smoker

Whether you prefer an alternative smoking method or want to try something new, our extensive range bongs , shishas and pipes offers something for every smoker. Explore various styles and brands to find the perfect match for your smoking habits.

Roll your own Cigarettes with Premium Accessories

For the do-it-yourselfers who roll their own cigarettes, offers a selection of high-quality rolling machines , precise scales and sustainable packaging . Create your own cigarettes with our premium smoking accessories to add a personal touch to every smoking experience.

Become a Member of the Grasscompany Community

Dive deeper into the world of smoking with, where you will not only find everything you need when it comes to smoking, but also the coolest gadgets and clothing in our exclusive merchandise range. Join our community, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest products and trends, and show your love for the brand with our stylish merchandise.


  1. What is the difference between a lighter and a Zippo?

A Zippo is a specific brand of refillable gasoline lighters, ignited by a flint. The gasoline-soaked cotton wool provides fuel to the wick, causing the Zippo to burn for a long time. The lid extinguishes the flame by blocking the oxygen supply. In contrast, a lighter is a general term for a flame-producing device. There are three types of lighters : electric, flint and gas . The electric lighter uses an electric spark, the flint lighter works with a spark from a flint, and the gas lighter, also called a storm lighter, produces a strong blue flame due to the high gas intensity.


  1. How do I choose the right ashtray for my needs?

Consider the size, material and design that suits your smoking area and personal style. At you will find different types of ashtrays that are suitable for multiple situations. View our range of Rotary ashtrays , Car ashtrays , Wall ashtrays , Table ashtrays and Trouser pocket ashtrays .

  1. What are Flavorsolutions and how do I use them?

Flavor solutions are flavor additions that you can add to your cigarette or joint for a personalized experience. At you will find 4 variants: flavor cards , flavor sticks , flavor filters and click balls that are suitable for cigarettes. For cannabis use, it is possible to choose flavored rolling papers or our rolled blunts and hemp wraps.

  • Flavor cards

The flavor cards are impregnated cards with a flavor that you can add to your executioner rolling tobacco or cigarette box. After 60 minutes, your tobacco will contain a tinge of this flavor.


  • Flavor sticks

The flavor sticks from frutasticks are a kind of markers with a flavor. Draw a line across your cigarette or joint and the liquid will soak into your tobacco through the rolling paper. With 1 stick you can flavor up to 1000 products.

  • Flavor Filters

Flavor filters are for produced filters with a flavor. If you make cigarettes or joints yourself, you can use these filters to add flavor.

  • Clickballs

Our click balls from Aroma King give your cigarettes flavor again. With the Aromaking Applicator you can place balls with different flavors in the filter of your cigarette. Press the filter, click the ball and enjoy the flavor that is released.

  1. How do I store my smoking materials safely and discreetly?

Use storage boxes , stash tubes and joint tubes that are specially designed for storing smoking materials. They are available in different sizes and styles.

  1. What accessories are essential for cigar smokers?

For cigar smokers, cutters , cigar cases and cases are some of the essential accessories.