is the Netherlands' largest online headshop for (e-)smokers and cannabis enthusiasts. We have been online with our online headshop since 2005! On our website you will find an extensive range of articles in the field of smoking. From water pipes to bongs , grinders and rolling papers . But of course also tobacco, tips , cigarette boxes , lighters , scales and much more.

We emerged from parent company TGC Trading (Dutch Leaf) in 2005, because we noticed that there was also a lot of consumer demand for the type of items we sell. Previously, in addition to, we had a number of other websites, such as,,,, and In July 2015, our webshop was completely renovated and these old webshops will eventually merge with

We have experienced significant growth in recent years. The small building we started in moved to a large office building and warehouse in Tilburg. We now work five days a week with more than 25 employees to ensure that our online headshop is there for you!

In November 2023 we built a completely new webshop again. We have also switched to a new logo. We have gone back to the products we are good at and those are headshop products. We will fully focus on the current categories and will introduce many new products in the coming years. In addition, it is now also possible to pay with Bancontact and various credit cards.

New items have to be purchased again and again, the website has to be kept up to date, orders have to be collected and shipped and, of course, most importantly, the customers have to be satisfied!

To make our customers happy, our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM! Customer friendliness comes first for us. We try to answer all emails, phone calls, tweets and Facebook messages as best and as quickly as possible.