Welcome to the greatest online Smoke and Headshop in the Netherlands. In this webshop, you can order almost everything you would find in a physical head shop. Grasscompany.com is also for the Cannabis-Connaisseur, but also for the Psychonaut. From flow to beautiful grinders and ashtrays. We offer the most diverse range! Moreover, all products are competitively priced.


Grasscompany.com is the largest online smokeshop, head shop for smokers and cannabis lovers! At Grasscompany.com you can find everything in the field of smoking products and gadgets. By cashwater pipes, cigarette boxes until Bongs and grinder.

What is a head shop?

Sometime in the 1960s the first head shop in the type of cities with a high concentration of studying youth came into existence. They mainly emerged as an extension of independent poster or candle stores. According to some sources, the Psychedelic Shop on the Haight Street in San Francisco, California, was the very first head shop. This was led by U.S. Army veteran Ron Thelin and his younger brother Jerry. When the Psychedelic Shop originated exactly is not entirely clear: some say that the doors opened in 1964, while others claim that this only happened in 1966. In the beginning you found a lot of underground comics such as those of Robert Crumb and others counter culture Cartoonists. Later it became a much more mainstream phenomenon and it also housed alternative music and ecologically friendly products.

A headshop is a store that can sell items that have to do with smoking or smoking, but in principle does not sell psychoactive substances itself. Everything you need in the field of weed or hashish can be found on grasscompany.com. So on grasscompany.com you can find for example joint or a Extensive water pipe range, but you can also find it Bongs or the ideal vaporizer For the use of cannabis products. In addition, you will also find articles such as ashtraysOr an ideal scale. Even people who cannot roll so well can come to us for Joint Hulzen or cones

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