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Rolling Box Wood L
Rolling Box Wood L
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Greengo Eco Rolling Tray
Greengo Eco Rolling Tray
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Bamboo rolling tray 23x15.5x2cm
Dreamliner Rolling Set Bag + Grinder + Tray Beige
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Rolling Box Wood S
Rolling Box Wood S
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The importance of rolling trays

A rolling tray is more than a simple surface; It is an essential part of the smoke experience. At we understand that every smoker has unique needs and preferences. Our collection therefore offers a wide range of rolling trays, from compact models for en route to luxury wooden boxes with versatile functions.


What is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray serves as a sturdy basis for rolling joints, blunts and spliffs. It prevents valuable herbs from wasting and keeps all your smoke supplies organized and within reach.


Different types of rolling trays

Compact trays: ideal for on the road or discreet storage.

Wooden and bamboo trays
Durable and aesthetically attractive, with extra storage space and special compartments.

Metals and plastic trays
Lightweight, durable and often cheaper. Available in various sizes and designs.

Special features
Many rolling trays at have special features such as built -in liquid holders, rolling stations and integrated storage boxes for all your smoke accessories.

Designs and materials
Our trays are available in various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and bamboo. They range from simple designs to luxurious, handmade specimens that are not only functional, but also a feast for the eyes.


Rolling tray sets for every user

From beginners to experienced smokers, our sets offer complete solutions with all the necessary accessories such as long flow, filter tips, grinders, lighters, ashtrays, weed and hashish.

Advantages of a good rolling tray

Efficiency: Helps you roll quickly and easily.

Organization: Keep all your supplies neatly ordered.

Safety: Minimizes the risk of waste of your weed.


Frequently asked questions about rolling trays


1. What is a Rolling Tray? 

A Rolling Tray is a specially designed flat surface that is used to facilitate the rolls of joints, blunts and spliffs. It helps to keep your smoke supplies organized and within reach, preventing waste from materials.


2. What types of rolling trays are available?

Rolling trays are available in various materials such as wood, metal and plastic. They come in different sizes and styles, from simple designs to luxury models with built -in storage compartments and light functions.


3. How do I choose the right Rolling Tray for me? 

The choice of a rolling tray depends on your personal needs. Consider the size of the tray in relation to the amount of space you need to roll, as well as the materials and extra functions such as storage spaces and aesthetics.


4. What are the benefits of using a Rolling Tray? 

A Rolling Tray offers various benefits such as a clean and organized surface to roll up, less waste of cannabis and accessories, and it increases efficiency during rolling.


5. Where can I buy a Rolling Tray?

You can buy rolling trays at specialized online stores such as We offer a wide range of trays, with guaranteed quality and fast delivery. In addition, we offer all kinds of other accessories such as Accessoire Kits, Grinders and Joint Hulzen stoppers.

Order at

Order your rolling tray on before 10 p.m. and receive your order the next day, discreet packaged and delivered anonymously. Our customer service Is available 5 days a week for all your questions.

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