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Electric Handheld Power Bong
Electric Handheld Power Bong
Sale price€29,95
Weed Glass Bong Gb-04
Cannabis Large Glass Bong 40 cm
Sale price€21,89 Regular price€25,95
Dreamliner Glass Ice Bong Twister W/ Percolator 40 cm
Dreamliner Glass Ice Bong Twister W/ Percolator 40 cm
Sale price€34,95 Regular price€39,95
Weed Bong Special Gb-03
Green Leaf Large Ice Glass Bong 30 cm
Sale price€21,49 Regular price€25,00
Weed Bong Gb-01
Weed Bong GB-01
Sale price€14,95 Regular price€17,95
Box Glass Pipe 8 Cm 100 Pcs
Box Glass Pipe 8 cm 100 PCS
Sale price€19,95
Dreamliner Glass Pipe Div. to colour
Dreamliner Gas Mask Acryl Skull Bong 20 Cm Wide Visor
Mini Weed Bong Gb-06
Green Leaf Small Straight Glass Bong 18 Cm
Large Smoking Bong Wb-261
Large Smoking Bong Wb-261
Sale price€34,95
Round Rastafari Bong Gb-15
Round Rastafari Bong GB-15
Sale price€9,99
Dreamliner Acrylic Bong With Grinder 20 Cm Green Leaf
Screens 20mm Display 500 pieces
Coffee Cup Pijp Bong
Coffee Cup Pijp Bong
Sale price€19,95 Regular price€23,95
Rastafari Bong Gb-08
Glass Bong Diagonal Multi Leaf 32 Cm
Glass pipe with aluminum bowl incl. 5 screens
Pipe Cleaner White Elephant 1 X 80 Pcs
Glass Rastafari Bong Bent Shaft Wb-253
Dreamliner Acrylic Bong With Grinder 20Cm Black Leaf
Cannabis Glass Bong Gb-14
Bong Brush Nylon 460 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 460 mm 1 PC
Sale price€3,95
Bong Brush Nylon 600 Mm 1 Piece
Bong Brush Nylon 320 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 320 mm 1 PC
Sale price€2,95
Bong Brush Nylon 560 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 560 mm 1 PC
Sale price€3,95
Bong Brush Nature 440 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 370 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 370 mm 1 PC
Sale price€3,95
Super Heroes Medium Glass Bong Straight 35 cm
Super Heroes Medium Glass Bong Straight 35 cm
Sale price€54,55 Regular price€59,95
Dreamliner Glass Bong Bent Hals
Box Carbopol Ring Charcoal 38mm 10x10 PCS
Shisha Al Malik Smimou Rainbow 43Cm
Shisha Al Malik Ait Melloul Black Gold 50 Cm
Shisha Al Malik Nador Purple 20 Cm
Limpuro Kingwipes Cleaning Tissue 1X12pcs
Bong Brush Br-8
Bong Brush BR-8
Sale price€3,95
Bong Brush Nylon 340 Mm 1 Pc
Bong Brush Nylon 340 mm 1 PC
Sale price€3,95
Adapter For Bong Glass Leaf Small Wide 300 Mm, 1 Pc
Glass Bong Straight Multi Leaf 40 Cm
Glass Bong Wide Foot Wings 21 Cm
Glass Bong Devil Leaf 30 Cm
Glass Bong Devil Leaf 30 cm
Sale price€20,95
Glass Bong Multi Leaf 30 Cm
Glass Bong Multi Leaf 30 cm
Sale price€18,95
Bong Brush Nylon 1000 Mm 1 Piece
Dreamliner Acrylbong Black With Color Ski Mask
Dreamliner Acryl Bong 24 Cm With Multicolour Ski Mask
Small Bong On Foot Dark Leaf 18Cm Wb-28
The Hero Gass Bottle To Go 1 Pc
Shisha Head Silicon Black
Shisha Head Silicon Black
Sale price€12,50
Super Safa Hose Red
Super Safa Hose Red
Sale price€9,99

Bongs Shishas and Pipes

Smoking is an art form for many, and both the instruments and components you choose can make or break your experience. Bongs , shishas , ​​pipes are some of the most popular smoking instruments. In this category we dive deep into their world and the essential components that contribute to an optimal smoking experience.

What are Bongs, Shisha and Pipes?

Bongs, water pipes and pipes are smoking instruments that have been used for centuries. They offer a unique smoking experience, where the smoke is cooled and filtered for smoother inhalation.

The difference between Bongs and Water Pipes
Bongs are usually larger and have a water chamber that cools the smoke, while water pipes are more compact and often used with special flavored tobaccos. Both have their own unique benefits and methods of use.

The history and popularity of these smoking instruments

These smoking instruments have a rich history and have been used in various cultures around the world. From traditional ceremonies to modern celebrations, they are an enduring symbol of social connection and enjoyment.

Materials and Unique features
From glass to acrylic, from wood to ceramics, the choice of materials and designs is enormous. Each material offers a different experience, and the design can further influence the smoking experience.

How do you choose the right product for you?
Whether you're a casual smoker or a seasoned veteran, has something for everyone. It's important to consider what you're looking for in a smoking instrument and what your budget is.

The importance of maintenance and cleaning

A well-maintained bong or water pipe offers a cleaner and better smoking experience. Regular cleaning ensures that your instrument remains in top condition and that your smoke is as pure as possible. Check out our bong brushes that can help you with this.

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Cannabis items for novice or experienced cannabis smokers
Every joint starts with a rolling paper and a filter or tip . But where does your adventure start? The choice is huge, which means you can put together the perfect joint that suits your needs. Are you a beginner or do you find it difficult to roll well? Then consider our ready-made c ones or blunts . Simply fill your cone with your favorite mix and you're ready for action. For the experienced smokers who roll with ease, check out our grinders and rolling trays . Hone your skills and become a true roller master.

Essential smoking accessories
Enrich your smoking experience with essential smoking accessories from, your one-stop-shop for all smoking supplies. Discover a wide range of products, from ashtrays and lighters to innovative flavor solutions , all carefully selected to optimize your smoking sessions.


Roll your own Cigarettes with Premium Accessories
For the do-it-yourselfers who roll their own cigarettes, offers a selection of high-quality rolling machines , precise scales and durable packaging . Create your own cigarettes with our premium smoking accessories to add a personal touch to every smoking experience.

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  1. What is the main difference between a bong and a water pipe?

A bong has a water chamber for cooling, while a water pipe is often used with flavored tobacco.

  1. How often should I clean my bong or water pipe?

It is recommended to clean your bong or water pipe after each use for the best smoking experience.

  1. Which material is best for a bong or water pipe?

This depends on personal preference. Glass offers a clean taste, while acrylic is more durable.

  1. Are there special accessories available for bongs and water pipes?

Yes, offers a range of accessories and parts such as chillums, mouthpieces and more.