The hemp blunt wraps on do not have a sticky edge . If you often roll (hemp) blunts, you may already be used to this: it is not unusual to deliver blunts without a sticky edge.

How do you seal a blunt?

There are several ways to make a 'dense' hemp blunt. You can choose to purchase special glue that does this for you, but the simplest way is very similar to the technique you know from smoking with long papers: licking and sticking.

Licking and sealing hemp blunt wraps

Don't expect the hemp blunt to stick as quickly as a long rolling paper - otherwise the makers would have made a sticky edge. Give your product a few minutes to dry, check that everything sticks well and you can start steaming!

Can't do it in one go? No problem at all! Rome wasn't built in a day either, practice makes perfect and *insert your reason here why trying once is never enough*.