You can use hemp hand cream very well if you have dry hands. This hemp cream not only works against dry hands, but also protects your two wearers against every other danger that daily life entails.

Hemp hand cream?

How does a hemp hand cream actually work? Just like regular hand creams, hemp cream provides an extra layer on top of your hand skin. When you have dry hands, this actually means that the moisture in your hand skin has (partly) disappeared. This mainly occurs in warm summers or cold winters.

When dry hands strike really varies from person to person. We think it is better to prevent than to cure. If you choose to use hemp hand cream, you are at least choosing natural remedies to help you get rid of your dry hands.

What is the best thing to do about dry hands? Greasing is the best medicine against rough hand skin. If you do this with hand cream with hemp oil, you give your body an extra boost through the body's own substances that the hemp plant carries. As a result, your skin quickly absorbs the hemp oil, the arnica extract ensures that the dryness disappears and Shea Butter makes your hands supple again.


The Extravaganja hand care product that you will find in our range is a good hand cream with hemp extract. Is it the best choice for you? Only you can test this yourself in your own hemp hand cream test. In any case, it will not make you stoned or high: this hemp hand cream is THC-free .

In addition, Extravaganja's hand cream is suitable for daily use, you can apply it to all skin types and it is a hand cream without Vaseline and paraffin. For example, do you also suffer from dry foot skin or smelly feet? Then take a look at the Extravaganja foot cream .