Rolling a joint is not always easy. There are plenty of people who simply cannot do this (yet), because it is a skill that you have to practice. Of course, there are also natural talents among us who can do this with ease, but that is not the case for most people.

How you close a rolling paper depends on the type of joint you are rolling. Ultimately, it is important that the paper is tight enough, especially around the tip, and then closed using the adhesive edge. Regardless of whether it is a standard joint, an inside-out variety or one of the more spectacular varieties, what matters is that there is no gap along the sticky edge and that it is twisted tightly enough for smoking. If this is not the case, you will get false air when you take a hit, which will result in a lot of smoke being lost and can even result in the joint going out continuously.

The most convenient way to see how to close a rolling paper is through photos or video. This way you can easily see which steps you need to take and see the result immediately. The video below shows how to roll an inside-out joint. This is a type of joint where you use less paper because you tear off part of it at the end.