Storing CBD oil

It is not only important to use CBD oil correctly, but also to store the oil correctly. We recommend storing CBD oil in a cool and dark place. (Sun)light can cause the shelf life of the CBD oil goes backwards. In addition, it is also important to always tightly close the cap of your bottle of CBD oil. Air also has a negative effect on the operation and shelf life of the oil. CBD pipette bottle

You can store your CBD oil in a dark and cool place where the temperature never rises high, such as in a dark cupboard in the kitchen or basement. A very suitable place to get the CBD oil or CBD paste storage is in the refrigerator. Here the temperature is constant and cool. You should take into account that the temperature in the refrigerator causes the oil to become less liquid and may flake. This can easily be solved by warming the oil between your hands before use and then shaking well before use.

This is how you ensure that your CBD oil has the longest shelf life:

  • Store CBD oil in a dark place away from sunlight
  • Store CBD oil in a dark bottle - preferably in the packaging
  • Always put the cap back on the bottle properly, so that the oil becomes airtight.