Vaporizing weed with a weed vaporizer is quite simple and a vaporizer is most commonly used for this purpose.

A weed vaporizer is available in two types, namely a hot air vaporizer and a hot plate vaporizer. For both dry herb vaporizers you start by crushing the weed. This is best done with a weed grinder. Once the weed is properly ground, it is time to apply the weed to the weed vaporizer.

With a hot air vaporizer, you put the ground weed in the separate chamber and close the chamber. After this, switch on the dry herb vaporizer and set the desired temperature. Once the set temperature has been reached, it is time to inhale the vapor. The vaporizer must then return to the set temperature to inhale vapor again. You can continue to repeat this process until there is no more vapor and the ground weed needs to be replaced. When you open the separate chamber you will see brown to black weed remains.

With a hot plate vaporizer, you place the ground weed on the plate. Then switch on the weed vaporizer and wait until it has reached the right temperature. Sometimes it is possible to set the temperature yourself with such models. Once the temperature has been reached, the vapor will come off the plate and you can then inhale the vapor. Every few times you vape, stir the weed on the plate so that you don't just vaporize the bottom part of the ground weed. Continue to repeat this until it is visible that all the weed has turned brown to black. Before a new vaping session, place new ground weed on the hot plate so that you can repeat the entire process.