Crumbling weed works best with a grinder , i.e. a crumbler or crusher. If you want to crumble weed, it is useful to first make the weed bud slightly smaller by hand. This prevents crumbled weed from falling outside your grinder if the weed bud is too large to crumble in one go. In addition, you can immediately remove some twigs by hand before putting weed in the weed grinder. Branches are not good for your joint because they can pierce your rolling paper and also cause headaches when smoking them.

Once you put the non-crumbled weed into your grinder, move the top part of the grinder back and forth so that the weed is thoroughly ground. Repeat this until you feel there is nothing left to crumble. Remove the top part of the grinder to see if everything has fallen properly through the holes during crushing.

Depending on the number of parts your grinder has, open your grinder to remove the crumbled weed from the crumbler.