CBD oil quality difference

CBD products are extremely popular. There are now all kinds of cannabidiol products on the market from different brands. There is a lot of difference in quality between the different brands that are for sale, so inform yourself well. CBD is not a replacement for prescribed medication. If you are considering using CBD, always discuss this with your doctor and specialist first. At Grasscompany.com you will find CBD products from the brands Hempire, Landracer, Royal Queen Seeds, Endoca.

Landracer CBD oil


All Landracer cannabidiol (CBD) products are composed of organic raw materials derived from industrial EU hemp. Landracer CBD Solutions is a company that attaches great importance to well-being and health. All cannabidiol products are carefully subjected to a quality test at an independent laboratory in Spain that uses HPLC-UV to guarantee the best quality. View the CBD test results here.

Endoca CBD oil

Endoca is an established manufacturer of Endoca CBD oil and other CBD products. Not only do they grow their own hemp plants in Scandinavia, all Endoca products are also carefully tested and must meet the highest quality standards.

The hemp is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. This is important, because when plants grow in a place where there are toxins in the soil or when pesticides are used while the plants are growing, these harmful substances will also be found in the oil. Endoca CBD products are 100% pure and 100% natural.