Hemp shampoo is on par with the shampoos you get at the local supermarket or drugstore. Especially when you find out why this is a good hair care product for you.

Strengthen keratin

The hemp oil in this shampoo has a positive effect on the keratin protein. This body's own substance is on the (scalp) skin of humans and animals. It makes your hair shine more than Rihanna's Diamonds in the Sky.

Maybe you already knew that keratin was important for shiny hair, but did you also know that hemp oil strengthens the production of this body's own protein?

It doesn't stop there: in addition to shiny hair, the hemp oil in this shampoo also ensures that your hairstyle is more elastic, has more volume and makes it easier to run a comb through it.

For full, shiny hair

Hemp oil is therefore a very rich source of essential fatty acids for your scalp. It also ensures that your hair shines while you comb through your locks super easily. So yes: hemp shampoo is a good shampoo for everyone – read: every hair type .