Smoking is by definition bad for you and inhaling burnt paper is no exception. That's why people choose to use the thinnest possible paper with little to no chemicals. Turning a joint inside out also ensures that you use less paper.

Not all rolling papers have the same thickness or materials used. The most well-known rolling paper is made of paper (wood fibers), with the white colored variant also containing bleach. Greengo unbleached rolling papers do not contain bleach and are free of other chemicals. Another type of rolling paper is flavored rolling paper , but due to the addition of flavorings, this is also more detrimental to your health. Nowadays there is also glass rolling paper , or transparent rolling paper, made from vegetable cellulose. It looks like plastic, but it's definitely not. However, smoking vegetable cellulose is also harmful to your health.

If you really don't want to use rolling paper, it is an idea to use a vaporizer , bong , water pipe or a simple pipe .