The most well-known rolling papers are made from wood fibers and are thinner than standard printing paper. In addition, bleach is added to many papers, which gives them the white color. In some cases, brown ink is also added to get brown colored papers. Unbleached rolling paper is also brown in color but does not contain ink, so make sure that you actually buy unbleached rolling paper without ink, for example from Greengo .

Some other rolling paper variants are hemp rolling paper , made from hemp fibers. This rolling paper will not get you stoned or high, because it contains no THC. Hemp blunt rolling papers from Hemparillo have been available since the beginning of 2018 and are becoming an increasingly well-known rolling paper.

A completely different type of rolling paper is transparent rolling paper, or glass rolling paper . This is transparent rolling paper from aLeda and is made from vegetable cellulose. Although it looks like plastic, it is definitely not. The nice thing about glass rolling paper is that it is transparent so you can see what is in the joint.