Autoflowering seed refers to cannabis seeds that come from plants that automatically transition from vegetative growth to the flowering stage over time, rather than depending on the light cycle. This behavior is a result of the genetics of Cannabis ruderalis, a strain of cannabis that naturally occurs in areas with short summers.

By crossing Cannabis ruderalis with Sativa or Indica strains, breeders have developed seeds that retain the autoflowering trait, as well as the potent effects and flavors of their Sativa and Indica parents. Here are some characteristics of autoflowering cannabis seeds:

  1. Time-dependent flowering : Autoflowering plants start flowering after a fixed period of approximately 2-4 weeks of growth, regardless of the light schedule.

  2. Short Life Cycle : Autoflowers have rapid growth and development, with the cycle from seed to harvest often completing within 8-10 weeks.

  3. Smaller plants : They often remain smaller in size, making them ideal for growing in small spaces or in discreet environments.

  4. Requires less light : Because they do not rely on light cycles to bloom, autoflowering plants can grow under almost any light schedule, although 18-24 hours of light per day can benefit them without affecting their flowering.

  5. Less yield : In general, autoflowering plants produce less yield per plant compared to traditional Sativa or Indica strains. Because autoflowering seeds are increasingly being cultivated, the yield has been increasing in recent years. Hence the increase in popularity.

  6. Resistance to cold and disease : The genetics of Cannabis ruderalis often make them more resistant to colder climates and certain diseases.

Autoflowering seeds are popular with both novice and experienced growers for their simplicity and speed of growth, but it is important to consider size and yield limitations when choosing seeds for your growing project.