Difference CBD & THC

CBD and THC are both organic substances found in Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol) has a psychoactive effect, CBD (cannabidiol) does not. THC is often used for relaxation and the psychoactive effect, while CBD is often used as a dietary supplement.


THC is the substance in cannabis that provides the psychoactive effect, which means that the user becomes stoned or high. In addition, THC also has narcotic effects. THC is often used to induce a feeling of relaxation.

Many cannabis and cannabis seeds are therefore developed with psychoactive properties in mind effect of THC . This is the main reason people use cannabis. The weed you buy in coffee shops often contains a high level of THC and only a small amount of CBD.


CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. The hemp plants used to make CBD oil contain - unlike regular cannabis plants - a high CBD content and a minimal THC content. CBD is produced in many different forms and is often used as a dietary supplement.

The effect of CBD on THC

CBD has an effect on THC. CBD is said to counteract and weaken the psychoactive effect of THC. CBD inhibits these symptoms. If CBD is administered at the same time as or after the use of THC, the effect of the THC may be weakened. Will be the CBD oil administered before using THC, then the effect of THC could actually be enhanced.