There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp: oil extraction, CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. RAW CBD products are often extracted from hemp plants through a super critical CO2 extraction, so that the cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG, CBV, but also terpenes are retained in the extract.

CBD can be cold and hot pressed from industrial hemp plants. With cold extraction the terpenes remain present, with hot pressing these are the first substances to evaporate. If you cold press these hundreds of cannabidoids from the hemp plant, a hemp paste is created with a high concentration of cannabidoids. This CBD paste contains the various active cannabidoids as they are naturally present in the plant, but in an increased concentration.

To produce CBD oil, this substance is diluted with a base oil, such as olive oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

Endoca RAW CBD oil

The Endoca RAW CBD products are the purest collection of cannabinoids and, in addition to CBD, also contain the molecule CBDa, also called CBD acid. CBDa is mainly found in freshly harvested hemp and CBD-rich cannabis strains. This RAW line is slightly more expensive than the standard line, as these CBD products are more intensive to produce.

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