CBD oil is often based on hemp seed oil or olive oil to which a percentage of CBD has been added, easy to dose thanks to the pipette bottles . All CBD oils can be placed directly under the tongue or you can add them to food, such as a bowl of yogurt or a glass of orange juice.

CBD E-liquid

In our range you will find CBD E-liquids from different brands. CBD E-liquids are available in different flavors and with varying concentrations of CBD.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules - with CBD oil or powder - are often used by people who do not like the taste of CBD. CBD drops taste somewhat bitter. There are people who cannot tolerate the taste of CBD oil, become nauseous or even have problems with their esophagus. In these cases, the use of CBD capsules is a good solution. Cannabidiol capsules are also suitable for use when you are at work, on the road or traveling.

CBD paste

CBD is available in many different applications, including in paste form. CBD paste - also called cannabis paste, CBD ointment, cannabidiol paste, hemp paste or pure CBD paste - is thicker than oil and often has a high concentration of CBD.

CBD paste can be taken orally by placing it under the tongue, just like CBD oil . In addition, it is often used as a CBD ointment or cream by spreading the hemp paste on the skin. Just like the oil, our CBD paste is also made from industrial hemp plants that contain little or no THC, so our CBD products have no hallucinogenic effect.

CBD balm landracer cbd balm

CBD balm contains a high concentration of CBD. CBD cream - also called CBD ointment, balm or lotion - can be used on all parts of the skin and is available in different CBD levels and there are CBD sticks for difficult areas.

CBD tea & candy

CBD food is available in various edibles. CBD food, also called CBD edibles or CBD foods, are often products infused with a certain amount of cannabidoil.

In our range you will find, for example, CBD tea. Cannabidiol tea is made from dried loose leaves of the hemp plant. CBD tea from the Landracer brand is infused with cannabidiol - 10% CBD on 100 grams of tea and contains a number of natural herbs in addition to CBD. Use a tea strainer to steep 2 grams of CBD tea in a 250 ml glass. If necessary, add CBD honey to taste. Other edibles such as CBD lollipops are also infused with CBD.