Which grinder is best depends on a number of personal wishes. Therefore, first ask yourself the following questions so that we can recommend the best grinder.

What is your budget for a grinder?

Depending on your personal budget, you often choose a cheaper grinder or a more expensive version. Of course, you must take the lifespan of a grinder into account. An acrylic grinder does not last as long as a metal or aluminum grinder. However, a metal grinder is slightly more expensive than an acrylic grinder .

Do you often use a grinder?

If you often use a crusher, we recommend a metal grinder . Metal grinders last longer and generally run smoother than a plastic grinder.

Do you only want to grind weed or also hash?

A plastic crumbler and a metal crumbler are both suitable for crushing weed. However, if you also want to crumble hash, we recommend a metal grinder. A plastic crusher is often not strong enough to crumble hash, which can cause the plastic grinder to break quickly.

Do you also want to collect THC residues?

If you also want to save residues of THC, a sand-like substance, we recommend a 4-piece grinder . A 4-part grinder contains an extra collection part with a THC sieve. The THC that is released from the crumbled weed will pass through the THC sieve and be collected in the lower part of the 4-piece grinder. These residues can be used again over time by, for example, making hashish.

You determine the best grinder for you based on the above issues. If you still have a question, our customer service is of course ready to advise you further.