Rolling papers can mainly be divided into two sizes: Slim and Regular . Both sizes are characterized as 'long papers' which are also known as 'King Size'.

King size rolling paper is the ideal type of rolling paper that you need when rolling a joint. Slim or Regular size, however, is a personal choice where the joint rollr prefers a wider rolling paper (Regular) or a narrower size (Slim) to roll a joint from.

The differences between Slim and Regular rolling papers:

Smart Regular
Width 44mm 53mm
Length 110mm 110mm

In addition to the difference in size, a preference has also emerged in bleached or unbleached rolling papers. Bleached rolling paper is currently the best known and is recognizable by the white color of rolling paper. Many users of this type of rolling paper have little to no knowledge about bleached or unbleached rolling paper. A choice for bleached rolling paper can also have financial reasons, because bleached rolling paper is often cheaper than unbleached rolling paper.

Unbleached rolling papers are becoming more and more popular and are becoming more and more famous. This type of rolling paper can often be recognized by its brown color, but the most important thing is that this is also stated on the packaging. Rolling papers can also be brown due to added ink during production. Unbleached rolling papers are often slightly more expensive, but it almost goes without saying that smoking bleach can never be a wise choice.

A completely different type of rolling paper that is also becoming more and more famous is glass rolling paper . This is transparent rolling paper made from vegetable cellulose. The nice thing about this is that you can look through the joint and see what's inside. However, rolling a joint with transparent long rolling papers can be a little more difficult, because the material feels different from the well-known paper long rolling papers.