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Flamez Mini Tips 75 PCS
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Elements Filter Tips (Box/50)
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Box Flamez Filter Tip 1000 PCS
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Display Flying Filter Tips Blue 99x60 PCS
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Filter Tips

Filter tips are indispensable with every hoist of a joint but what exactly are tips? We are happy to explain that to you. Whether you are an experienced smoker or just start exploring the world of cannabis, the right filter tip can significantly improve your smoke experience. With a diverse range of filter tips in our webshop, we explain how each type contributes to a unique smoking sensation. Dive with us into the world of filter tips and discover how you can optimize your smoke moments!

Why filter tips are a must-have

Filter tips, the heroes of the joint, are crucial for an optimized smoke experience. They not only improve the air flow and prevent unwanted remains in your mouth, but also provide extra strength and grip. With filter tips you enjoy a smoother, cleaner smoke experience without a compromise.

Discover the types of filter tips

Each type of filter tip brings its own benefits. Whether you prefer the health benefits of an active carbon filter or the pure simplicity of a booklet filter, there is always a filter tip that fits your style. Below an overview of our selection:

Active Filters

Active filters, often referred to as filters with active carbon, are filter tips that contain active carbon to improve the smoke experience by absorbing harmful substances and unwanted flavors. The active carbon in these filters works as a powerful adsorption agent, which means that it can effectively absorb tar, nicotine and other harmful chemical connections from the smoke before it is inhaled.

The most important advantages of active filters are:

  • Improved purification: They offer superior filtration due to the large adsorption capacity of activated carbon, resulting in cleaner and purer smoke.
  • Taste improvement: By removing unwanted flavors and scents, these filters ensure a more pleasant and often softer smoke experience.
  • Reduction of harmful substances: Although they cannot eliminate all the risks of smoking, active filters help to reduce the intake of tar, nicotine and other toxins.

View our Active Filters

Anti Tear filter tips

Anti -teer filters are specially designed filters that are intended to reduce the amount of tar and other harmful substances that you inhale. They are often used in self -turned cigarettes or joints and can be made from different materials, including cellulose, active carbon or a combination of both. These filters work by creating a physical barrier that catches the harmful particles before the smoke is inhaled.

The benefits of anti-Teer filters include:

  • Health protection: They reduce the amount of tar and other toxic substances that end up in the lungs, which can contribute to healthier smoking behavior.
  • Improved smoke experience: In addition to reducing harmful substances, these filters can also help to alleviate the smoke, resulting in a more pleasant smoke experience.
  • Versatility: Anti-ride filters are available in various shapes and sizes, suitable for different types of self-twisted cigarettes and joints.

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Booklet filter tips

Filter tips that are in a booklet, also known as "booklet filter tips", are small pieces of paper or other material that are pre -cut and are offered bundled in a handy, compact booklet. These filter tips are meant to be rolled and used in the end of a self -turned cigarette or joint, and serve as a mouthpiece or filter to purify the smoke and prevent tobacco or residues in the mouth.

The benefits of filter tips in booklets include:

  • Ease: They are immediately ready for use and easy to carry.
  • Choice of material: Available in different materials, such as paper, hemp, and bamboo, bleached and unbleached, or perforated and conefuses for those who prefer natural or environmentally friendly options.
  • Versatility: They come in various thicknesses and widths to meet various personal preferences.

These filter tips offer a practical and hygienic solution for smokers that run their own cigarettes or joints, whereby they can improve the quality of the smoke experience by filtering particles and offering a stronger structure for the joint or cigarette.

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Cellulose filter tips

Cellulose filter tips are transparent, biodegradable filters made of vegetable fibers, ideal for smokers looking for a more environmentally friendly choice. These filters combine a clean smoke experience with environmental consciousness.  They offer various benefits:

  1. Taste -neutral: They at least influence the taste of the smoke, so that the natural aromas are better preserved.
  2. Effective filtration: They filter harmful substances such as tar from the smoke for a cleaner smoke experience.
  3. Durable: As a biodegradable option, they reduce the environmental impact compared to synthetic filters.

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Organic filter tips

Organic filter tips are filters made from natural, unprocessed materials, often from biodegradable sources such as unbleached paper or hemp. These filters are chosen by environmentally conscious smokers that prefer products without chemical additives or processes. Organic filter tips are ideal for smokers that value sustainability and a natural smoke experience. Here are three core benefits:

  1. Environmentally friendly: They are biodegradable and thus reduce the impact on the environment.
  2. Natural smoke experience: Due to the lack of chemical treatments, they retain the pure taste of the tobacco or herbs.
  3. Health -conscious: Without bleach or other chemicals, they may offer a healthier smoking option.


Pre-Rolled filter tips

His ready-made filter tips that have already been rolled in the right shape. This makes the process of rolling a cigarette or joint much easier and faster, especially for beginners or for those who are on the road. Pre-Rolled filter tips can be made from different materials, including paper, hemp, or even activated carbon for extra filtration of harmful substances from the smoke. They offer the convenience of a ready -to -use filter, which eliminates the need to roll a filter yourself. Pre-Rolled filters are ideal for smokers who appreciate convenience and efficiency in their smoke experience.

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How do you turn a tip?

Perfect your joint with the art of folding the filter tip. Whether you are an experienced smoker or just want to improve your skills, these four folding techniques will help you create a smoother smoke experience.

 Image-a filter tip in the form of a W 1. The W form

For an even trek. Make a 'W' with the tip, roll up tightly and maintain the structure for optimum filtration.
Picture of a filter tip in the form of an S


2. The S-shape

A reliable choice for better filtration. Fold your tip in an 's' and roll the rest around it. It ensures a good balance between strength and air flow.


Image of a filter tip in the form of a spiral

3. The spiral

Fast and simple, perfect for efficient filtration. Roll the tip in a spiral for a consistent smoke experience.

Filter tip in the form of a harmonica

4. The Harmonica

Maximizes the filter surface with a zigzag pattern. This ensures a superior filtration and a smooth trek.


 These are the 4 most used forms of a filter tip, but of course there are many other forms that you can use. Each method has its own advantage, depending on your preference for smoke experience. Experiment with these techniques to roll your ideal joint but also be creative to roll the nicest forms yourself. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions 

To help you even better, we dive deeper into the frequently asked questions about filter tips:

  • Can filter tips be reused? Yes, many filter tips are designed for multiple use. Discover how you can best clean them and store them in our FAQ section.
  • Which material filter tip is the best? The choice of material depends on personal preference and the desired smoking profile. Read more about the different materials in our detailed guides per subcategory.
  • Are there filter tips with different thicknesses? Absolute. The thickness of the filter tip can influence the air flow and therefore your smoke experience. Find your ideal thickness by experimenting with the options in our range.
  • I am unable to turn a joint is there another way to fill a joint?
    Yes, at you will find ready -made empty sleeves that you can fill with your own mix. View our assortment here sleeves and cones.



Filter tips are an essential addition to the smoke equipment of each cannabis user. With a variety of options available, there is a filter tip for every preference and need. Explore our subcategories for in -depth information about each type and lift your smoke experience to a higher level. Transform your smoke moments with the perfect filter tip and enjoy an unparalleled smoke sensation!