Vaporizers are divided into two types, namely a convection vaporizer and a conduction vaporizer. Both types of vaporizers have their own way of working, where the end goal is the same: Herbs evaporate through heating instead of combustion.

Convection vaporizer , also known as a hot air vaporizer, has an indirect heating method. Such a cannabis vaporizer ensures that the herbs are evaporated by hot air. You put the herbs or oil in a separate room. You then set the temperature so that the contents of the separate chamber are gradually heated without burning them. Once the vaporizer is up to temperature, you can inhale the vapor. After this, wait again until the correct temperature has been reached before inhaling the vapor again.

Conduction vaporizer , also known as a hot plate vaporizer, has a direct heating method. This weed vaporizer has a hot plate on which you place herbs or oil. Due to heating of the plate, active ingredients in the herbs will evaporate. During a session you should stir the herbs so that not only the bottom herbs are heated.