When you scroll through the overview of long rolling papers, you may notice that there are many different size names instead of dimensions. So you see King Size, KSS, 1 ¼ rolling paper and so on. It can be difficult to tell the difference between King Size and King Size Slim just by looking at the packaging. At that moment you are still wondering: what size are my rolling papers actually? You can see this in the overview below. The rest of this article discusses the specifics.


Name of rolling paper


Tobacco rolling paper
Short Rolling Papers


1 1/4 rolling papers


King Size (KS)
King Size Regular (KSR)
King Size Wide


King Size Slim
King Size Narrow


King Size Extra Slim


Roll papers Single Width
Roll papers Slim

37mm wide (length varies by brand)

Roll papers Wide
Roll papers Wide

53mm Wide (length varies by brand)

IMPORTANT: To save you a lot of return hassle, we ask you to pay extra attention to the size name and the dimensions you require. As an extra check, we also recommend checking the total amount. If it is much higher or much lower than normal, please check your order again!

King Size family long rolling papers

The most popular lengths of long rolling papers in the Netherlands are the King Size papers. How long are those papers? The members of this King Size family are all 110 mm (11 cm) long. The biggest difference of this floor is in the width. It depends on your preference which width suits you best.

The exception: 1 1/4'' rolling paper

In addition to the King Size family, there are more residents in Grasscompany.com's Lange Vloeiland. Take the 1 ¼ rolling paper. This name makes you think that these are longer rolling papers than the King Size long rolling papers, but appearances are deceiving. However, when developing this name, not the leaves, but rolling tobacco were used as a starting point. As a result, this flu shorter than King Size long rolling papers.

Other sizes and names of long rolling papers

Within the range of Grasscompany.com you will also find other sizes and names of long rolling papers. These Slim and Short flooring are close in size to the King Size family, but are slightly different. For people who like extra long joints, we also have foam rolls. These long papers can be torn to length.

So... Conclusion?

So we cannot tell you what dimensions your favorite long rolling paper has . All size names of long rolling papers in our webshop are listed in this article. So always check carefully which size of long rolling paper you purchase not to be distracted to the packaging. Even though it says 1 ¼'' rolling paper next to a product, this means this not that this one are larger than King Size rolling papers. You can see these types as an intermediate size between rolling papers for shag smokers and leaves for smokers.

You now know the different forms of long rolling papers. We're glad we could help you further, but now it's time for the next step. What is the best rolling paper to use? weed joint or hash joint can be found on the related pages. Do you already know your answer to that last question? Then go back to the Long rolling paper page and choose your favorite size name!