The ultimate guide for weed seeds: everything you need to know

Choosing the right weed seeds can be a discouraging task, given the abundance of options. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, this guide helps you navigate through the world of cannabis seeds, so that you can make the perfect choice for your breeding adventure.

Types of weed seeds

Feminized seeds: These seeds are genetically modified to only produce female plants. Ideal for growers who want to focus on harvesting flowers without worrying about male plants.

Autoflower seeds: These seeds flower automatically after a certain period, regardless of the light schedule. They are perfect for growers who want to harvest quickly and easily.

Regular seeds: These seeds can produce both male and female plants and are ideal for growers who are interested in crossing and developing new strains.


Which weed seeds should I buy?

When selecting weed seeds, there are various factors to take into account:

  • THC and CBD content: Depending on your preference for the psychoactive effects or medicinal properties, choose your seeds with the desired cannabinoid profile.
  • Indica, sativa, or hybrid: Depending on the desired effect and growing conditions, you choose between indica (relaxing effect, short plants), sativa (energizing effect, long plants), or hybrid (a mix of both).
  • Flowering time and harvest time: Consider how long it takes before the plants flower and are ready for harvest, especially if you live in a climate with a short growing season.
  • Resistance to fungi and diseases: Some seeds are more resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and diseases, which can be crucial for a successful harvest.


Juridical status

The legal status of growing cannabis from weed seeds varies greatly per country and in some cases per region within a country. It is important to check the local legislation before you start cultivating cannabis.


Health and Safety

Although cannabis can offer medicinal benefits, there are also risks associated with their use, especially with excessive or irresponsible use. It is important to be responsible with cannabis and to obtain advice from a medical professional if used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Purchase of seeds

Weed seeds can be purchased at specialized online stores, coffee shops (in some countries) or at local nurseries. Make sure you buy seeds from a reliable source to guarantee the quality and genetics of the seeds.

Growing weed plants

Now you can plant your purchased weed seeds. This is a very delicate process that involves more than you think. Look at our step -by -step plan So that you get the best out of your weed seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I keep weed seeds for long term? A: Store weed seeds in a cool, dry place, such as in an airtight container in the fridge, to extend their viability.

Q: Is it legal to buy and grow weed seeds? A: The legality varies per country and region. Always check the local legislation before you buy or grow weed seeds.

Q: Can Autoflower seeds be grown outside? A: Yes, Autoflower seeds are very suitable for outer breeding because they are not dependent on light cycles to bloom.

Q: What is the difference between feminized and regular seeds? A: Feminized seeds produce female plants, while regular seeds can produce both male and female plants.


Choosing the right weed seeds is essential for a successful breeding. By taking into account factors such as the type of seed, the THC and CBD content, and the growing conditions, you can select seeds that best match your needs. Don't forget to check the local legislation to ensure that you grown legally. With the right knowledge and preparation you can enjoy growing your own cannabis, whether it is for medicinal use or for recreational purposes.